Viatoria 53° 33’ 29.2” N 9° 56’ 38.5” E
++Dusty millitary barrack transformed into collective workspace.++++

The new owners of the ex-Victorian barrack, the Fux Cooperative teared down old walls and reopened their new co-workspace to art, production, education and culture. Old objects were massively thrown out and big garbagehills piled up at their backyards. By radically over-coloring these – we created new representatives – symbolizing the major changes that happened within the place. To announce the new community, we spread the objects as small interventions all over Hamburg. The play with the findings acted as a navigation project to the exhibition "Viatoria" and it's opening party. The exhibition showed the work of 20 students about the change of the former millitary barrack. Every object was marked with the exact coordinates of the barrack and linked to the exhibition website. Collaboration with Katharina Spegel.