VIA 53° 33’ 29.2” N 9° 56’ 38.5” E
The new owners of the Victorian military barracks demolish the old walls of the dusty base and turn them into a shared workspace of art, production, education, and culture.

Old objects were thrown massively on massive piles of rubble that piled up in the backyard. We announced the significant changes in the city by distributing these old objects as radical and colorful representatives all over Hamburg.

The city intervention with the objects served as a navigation system for the exhibition VIATORIA and opening party of 20 HAW Design students, who presented their research on the change of the former military barracks.

Each object in the city was marked with the exact coordinates of the barracks and linked to the website of the exhibition.

Client: Viktoria Kaserne, Genossenschaft Fux eG, Hamburg
Concept, Design and Production: Katharina Spegel and Annette Schmid
Programming Web Application: Annette Schmid
Supervision: Prof. Heike Grebin, Department Design/Typography at HAW Hamburg