Can the visitors become part of the space and control it together through non-verbal communication?

Today's architecture is often generic and static. The hard stone architecture has to be broken up in the future and replaced with a soft, flowing form that adapts to and responds to visitors. This series of experiments aims to prototype other architectural concepts using electronic and communicative processes to design vibrant, flexible, subjective, temporary and immersive spaces.

To do this, sensors or cameras, as well as techniques from the surveillance industry and computer technology, are used. We investigate their artistic and media qualities - but not without critically questioning them.

Occasion: International Workshop at Shenkar College of Engineering, Art, and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel
Concept, Design, and Making: Annette Schmid, Diana Burger, Tzipporah Bazer
Design and Programming of Movement and Light Environment: Annette Schmid
Supervision: Prof. Ruth Ron, Shenkar College/Interior and Environment Design, Tel Aviv, Israel
Thanks to ZEZEZE Architecture Gallery for exhibition space