Documenting Stilvorlagen 9

++++First digital/print mixed publication in ten-year history of the lecture series STILVORLAGEN#9+++

Digital and analogue publishing are not mutually exclusive. Starting from an interactive PDF, we developed the book. Both were designed screen-inspired in the transverse format, side by side as a complete unit - like a "click" to the next content. The structure and contents of the entire publication were developed on the wall, whereby the digital PDF as well as the book are a collection of individual pages of our installative hanging. The starting point of our design were two specific thinking models: the model of the tabular representation of processes as well as the model of "back" and "frontend" from digital media. The basic structure of the publication has been structured like a table. The front pages - the "frontend" - shows everything that was visible to everyone: the styling series as a lecture series with interesting speakers, great workshops, inspiring lectures and lasting memories. The black sites, the "backend" shows all the organisation and projectmanagement that lies behind such an event.