We are researching into the future of the established German news magazine SPIEGEL. In collaboration with the print editor team, we have realized a quick prototype that combines digital and print dimensions to spark ideas about new publication methods.

In November 2018, the official SPIEGEL issue was extended with a supplement including augmented reality content.

The new magazine SPIEGEL Futura will report on technological innovations, new business models, societal perspectives and political solutions for the large number of challenges that digital change brings with it. Futura tells of visionaries and pragmatists, from makers and thinkers, from people and their ideas for a better future. Therefore gripping topics and in-depth texts are combined with high-quality optics; it makes you want what's coming, without being blindly enthusiastic about it. The first issue takes a constructive look on the digitalization of business and society and asks how Europe can succeed in competing technologically with the USA and China, while at the same time remaining true to its values.

Client: DER SPIEGEL, Hamburg
Augmented Reality Team: Robots&Friends – Sarah Schögler, Annette Schmid, Søren Koswig, Iwer Petersen
Editorial Team: Jens Kuppi, Lynn Dohrmann, Elsa Hundertmark und Eva-Maria Schnurr