This piece of immersive theater introduces a future dystopian surveillance state. The state examiner of PARIAS requires a high-pulse rate from its citizenship applicants.
Upon entering the interaction cube, a servant measures the pulse frequencies of the applicants with the help of the “Parisator". Short-pulse visitors are thrown out harshly after the fitness check, while high-pulsed visitors receive a welcoming ceremony.

Applicants could hear their real pulse rate embedded into the soundscape of the performance. The state examiner appears in this environment as a hologram. A broad curtain of thin hair created a projection field with impressive depth. For this purpose, an actress from another room was broadcasted live into the cube. With the help of a webcam and a microphone, she was able to follow the events in the cube and react to the visitors.

During the investigation, visitors were always in doubt as to whether they were talking to a person or a computer program. One performance was over three days listed.

Client: Department Design/Costume Design and Timebased Media, HAW Hamburg
Concept: Annette Schmid, Rosa Borkenhagen, Robert Helbig
Environment Design, Scenography: Annette Schmid
Costume Design: Rosa Borkenhagen, Robert Helbig
Sound Design: Christina Steinke
Supervision: Prof. Almut Schneider, Prof. Reinhard v. d. Thannen, Cornelius Puschke, Victoria Bürgin
Thanks to Sören Koswig for technical support