Suitability Check at Parias

+++Exploring dystopian futures by theatrical means of expressions++++

Designed was the dystopian monitoring state PARIAS as walkable interaction-cube. The ideal of the fictitious state is a high pulse, which is determined by a suitability check at the "Parisator" by the state examiner. The real pulse of the visitors in the cube was measured live and integrated into the soundscape. The state examiner appears in this environment as a holographic-looking projection. Through a space-grabbing curtain made of finest hair, a projection field with impressive depth effect was created. For this purpose an actress from another room was broadcasted live into the cube. Via webcam and microphone, she could track the happenings in the cube and react to the visitors. Consistently, visitors were left in doubt during the investigation – whether they are talking to a person or a computer program. The live performance was being presented during three days at the Modecampus Armgartstraße. Cooperation with the costume designers Robert Helbig and Rosa Borkenhagen.