What is my perception of responsibility, manipulation, and growth as a designer?

In the first part of this one-day experiment, we examined fundamental design movements of the past decades and had formulated a paper about how we want to face our discipline.

The installation is an immersive reflection space of our thoughts. The written form, our manifesto, was printed on tracing paper. People stayed in the atmosphere to read it. The typography was displayed and animated with Processing 2.

Occasion: Stilvorlagen 9, Lecture Series of Department Design/Typography at HAW Hamburg
Manifesto: Katharina Spegel, Annette Schmid, Christina Lopez Gonzales and Gladys Patthya
Programming and Environment Design: Annette Schmid

Supervision: Prof. Heike Grebin, Department Design/Typography at HAW Hamburg
Thanks to Remco van Bladel for the moving exchange