DRYVER – A mobile Cloud Service
DRYVER is a mobile drinking fountain that uses condensation techniques to produce water from the air.

The robot drives through the city and provides freshly generated water to passers-by. People can interact via speech recognition, and in exchange for the water, they are asked to charge the batteries by operating the side-crank – so the DRYVER can continue to move and serve others. Water has gone from a free natural resource to one of the most successful commercial products of the last hundred years. While the UK has an abundant source of mineral water, over one fifth (22%) of water sold in the UK is sourced overseas. Volvic, Evian, and others travel thousands of kilometers in plastic bottles, even though a drinking water tap might be meters away.

DRYVER offers the ultimate-local proposal for freely available drinking water, reflecting the absurdity of filling water into bottles and driving it across countries.

Water / London Design Festival 2017, sept 17
Every Last Drop / V&A Victoria and Albert Museum, London, nov 17
Lates, Science Museum, London, jan 18
SXSW Conference & Festivals, Austin, TX (Place by Design Finalist), mar 18
MIT / Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge, MA, apr 18
Polytech Festival, Moscow, RU, may 18

Concept: Philipp Ronnenberg, Ulrike Mallien, Annette Schmid
Concept Design: Bertrand Clerc, Philipp Ronnenberg, Ulrike Mallien
Construction & Making: Philipp Ronnenberg, Ulrike Mallien
Photography: Mary Goldfinger
Video: Niklas Zeiner, Sören Koswig, Annette Schmid
Exhibition Design: Annette Schmid
Developed for the London Design Festival 2017 & Waterexhibition
Thanks to Makery for workshop supervision.