Concept, design and construction for a live performance workplace.

The International Summer Festival Kampnagel offers a scholarship for students of theater, arts and cultural studies every year. As part of this summer residence, scholarship holders have the opportunity to experience the three-week program intensively.

Our concept was intended to enable the scholarship holders to document performances, workshops, lectures, artistic installations, stagings and interventions from a personal perspective while at the same time involving the festival's visitors. We responded to the order by setting up "" digitally and physically as a role play: For our concept, we asked the students to document the summer festival exclusively in the form of animated GIFs as the "Archive of Knowledge" at

The resulting gallery was visitable throughout the festival in Foyer Kampnagel, where the website was broadcasted live on the outside facade of the newly constructed office.
The requested retreat for the scholarship holders was set up in the form of a conference room. Through a door in the outer facade of the gallery behind it could be entered by the scholarship holders.

Client: Kampnagel Theater – International Summer Festival, Hamburg
Concept, Design and Construction: Kevin Visdeloup, Jascha Kretschmann and Annette Schmid
Supervision: Prof. Almut Schneider with Sören Koswig, Department Design/Timebased Media, HAW Hamburg