What if the Japanese fan could besides counteract the heat also improve the digital climate around us? As an example, could we fan away the surveillance signals that cause us discomfort?

As designers, we can help to preserve and pass on culturally significant artifacts and practices by redefining and adapting the functionality to the needs of our time.

During a brief research stay in Tokyo, I began to speculate about the rise of a new urban subculture called CITYBORG. This subculture could emerge at the intersection of Megacities and Maker Labs. CITYBORGS could invent their own devices and body extensions to create - DIY - a more holistic, hybrid man-city relationship.

Occasion: GDA Summer Sessions in Tokyo 2018 by ArtEZ University of the Arts
Concept, Design and Construction: Annette Schmid and Veerle Pennock
Supervision: Thomas Castro, Femke Herregraven, Miki Okamoto and Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Thanks to Ai Hasegawa for the final critique